Welcome to my Humanities Portfolio!

Go ahead and click about and enjoy yourself—or don’t. That’s cool too.  Feel free to enjoy the video of John Mayer ripping a guitar solo.

The above video is included to emphasize the pervasiveness of elements of the humanities in the form of musical expression. This one, in particular, is a performance of the timeless song “Gravity”—this song grapples with some heavy questions of introspection and the meaning of life. This song and the themes it explores lay at the forefront of John Mayer’s album “Continuum.” I will analyze some of the songs in this album later on in my portfolio to make connections from the themes of this course to musical expression.

I utilize this connection to analyze the role of the self in both the output of work and the mobilization which takes place on greater societal levels in order for Revolution to occur.

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I am Beyoncé, always.

– Michael Scott